The reality of the daily grind is sinking in for Stuart Hughes, the BBC newsman who lost a foot to a landmine in Iraq:

What’s bothering me right now isn’t the loss of my foot. I’m slowly getting used to that.

It’s the fact that the smallest thing seems to take an age.

If I want to get from the bottom of the stairs I have to shuffle up on my knees or backside.

If I want to get to the car I have to negotiate my way outside on crutches and stuff my wheelchair into the boot.

If I want to travel just a few hundred yards I have to negotiate sloping pavements and steep curbs in my chair.

The simplest task is now a major undertaking. It’s exhausting.

The good news is that it will probably get better – he’ll get more used to new routines, he’ll get stronger, and he’ll adapt his environment.


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