Low Ceilings

The curse of low ceilings…I’ve been slightly obsessed with decorating the house lately. (“Slightly?” says my daughter. “You’re channelling Martha Stewart.” No, because Martha Stewart has tons of money, and I don’t. Plus she does those goofy rose ball arrangements.) Anyway, this house has low ceilings. Seven and a half foot ceilings, with popcorn finish and fake white painted beams that knock another 6-8 inches of height off. What’s the charming style for seven and a half foot ceilings? And who saws half a foot off 4×8 sheets of drywall? It’s a Mystery



  1. Anonymous

    I think that they did it so that the vloume of a room is decreased thus lowering the total volume that needs to be heated.

  2. lprevatte

    I recently bought a home (investment) and it has 81 inch ceilings. Above these ceilings are deep blown in insulation.Talk about easy to heat!!!! There are gas space heaters in liv rm and one in large fam/kit area. Just that missing 15 inches really effects the heating equation. I would have never built a house like this, but since it is here ( a future rental ) , I plan to make the best of a situation and save some heating money. Location is in Central N. C.

  3. Anonymous

    What do you suggest as wall treatment to make walls look higher?? Would vertical strips do that?

    Would you use a border at top of wall, or will that make them appear even shorter?

    How about a chair rail?

  4. Katja

    I’ve kind of gone the other way. Taking a tip from the mid-60s California ranch style, I’ve got fairly low slung furniture, on the theory that tall furniture just makes the room look shrimpy.

  5. Mark

    As a person who is over six feet tall, low ceilings make me feel like I am in a closet. My eyes spend more time looking at ceilings than the floor. Too bad, because most homes (especially in New England) have ceilings less thatn 8 feet high. And it is the one thing that costs a fortune to correct.

  6. Katja (Post author)

    Or think of all those tall guys in short houses and pubs in British mysteries.


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