I’ve waited a couple of weeks to write anything about it, kind of for luck. It’s so amazing what you can get accomplished when you can walk! Today I washed my very own car for the first time probably in a year. This is great. At work I’m not using crutches but am lurching from cube to cube (off topic joke – what is syncopation? An uneven movement from bar to bar) – guess cube farms are good for something.

This made working the Winter District Swim Meet at the wheelchair unfriendly pool (see last April) somewhat better, except that I usually work the computer in the office, and this year they’ve built a kind of loft for the computer people above the pool that is only reachable by a steep narrow ladder, which even in my newly ambulatory condition is pretty much out of the question. So I put labels on ribbons. There’s still no handicapped parking to speak of, and the handicapped stall in the ladies room still has no door. Sad.


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