The mother of all parking spaces

Dang! I got a phone call last week from the landlord mentioned below, thanking me for sending the material and saying that he had fixed the parking. Then on Monday my co-worker came in wondering if I had been to the restaurant yet – it now has the mother of all handicapped parking spaces! So we all went today – they’ve taken three spaces, and converted them in to two van accessible spaces with a wide access aisle in between, all with very shiny bright new blue paint and the appropriate signs – very impressive! I sent the landlord flowers. It’s great when the right thing happens!

On the down side of the Great Parking Space Fight, the gentleman responsible for the lot at the pool we went to in April told me that the lot was due for restriping and signing during the summer. so that the problems would be fixed. Guess what? That’s right – no restriping, no new signage.


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