In spring, a young woman’s fancy turns to…parking

Spent the weekend in a nearby town for a swim meet that our team was co-hosting. I really love working swim meets, but even this facility, which is quite new and designed with handicapped access in mind, was frustrating. The only restroom stall that was accessible had no door, so I had to recruit a couple of people to hold up a towel everytime I needed to go to the bathroom for two and a half days. It also gets real tiring when it’s so crowded, everywhere, that every single move you make you have to negotiate with people to move. It snowed Saturday afternoon and Sunday, so of course Sunday morning the accessible spaces were filled with cars without permits. I asked the pool manager to make an announcement that people should move their cars because I was about to call the cops, and he got upset with me because “you can’t do that on a snow day”. The hell I can’t, it’s even more important on a snow day. And, “they can’t see that the spaces are handicapped with snow on the ground” – then why don’t you have signs, as required by the ADAAG? I called the cops anyway, but they never came, presumably because they were dealing with much more important stuff, like 12 inches of snow in late April. When I left I noticed that the single (!) sign had been moved aside, as if the management was trying to make it easier on all those poor able bodied people who had to walk through the snow.


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