Got up this morning feeling pretty good. Didn’t use the shower chair. After my shower when I was wiping down the walls I tipped, smacked into the wall, fell down, hit my head. Great way to start the day. When I tried to get up, I couldn’t. I had this horrible squeezy feeling all around my chest. It’s still there. My husband came to the rescue with the wheelchair.

Unbelievable conference this afternoon with the director of HR concerning reasonable accomodations. This was a followup to my request for a door opener. The policy she’s decided to implement seems to be designed to ensure that anyone who dared ask for an accomodation would wind up resigning in disgust and frustration before anything happened. The bulk of this meeting seemed to be taken up in implying that if I couldn’t open the front door of the building, maybe I’m too sick to come to work at all. You would think I’d asked for something that cost tens of thousands of dollars – I need to submit a written request and a waiver allowing the company to have my medical records. Then my employer will work with my physician to make sure that opening the door isn’t harming me. The company will pay for an evaluation by physical therapists for pull and push strength, etc, and on and on. This is the same department that originally told me that their budget was so tight they couldn’t possibly consider installing a door opener, or even get someone to reduce the force of the closer.


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