I just had my first totally fun day at work in months. Why? Most people were on vacation, I did absolutely no managing, instead I spent the day cobbling together a MySQL/PHP/shell script application to automate validation of our integration…
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There may be a new car in my future. I’ve got a four door sedan that I’m perfectly happy with, except that every summer either the airconditioning or the cooling system blows up. I feel like some kind of ecoterrorist;…
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Worth Reading

Some recent (or not so recent) posts that I think are worth reading: Kim Allen on the topological human LaurieLou on why people keep asking what happened Mark Siegel on the equality of women

Browser Frustration

I updated Opera to 8.0. Some changes for the better, some not. Blogspot blogs now correctly display both columns (in 7.x, the content appeared on top, the navigation column appeared below). Google Groups don’t work, though. I don’t think it’s…
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At the Kitchen Table

From Eldest Son: After reading the Dialogues of Plato, Monty Python is much funnier. From Youngest Son, on being asked if he wanted to come to my (secular) choir concert: I would come if you people didn’t sing about God…
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