Color III

And the winner is … white. Excuse me while I go cry in my beer and re-visualize.

Disability Travel links

Scott Rains has built a fabulous list of links for travelers with disabilities at Suite 101: Travel & Disability.

Color II

Aaahhh!!! Heaven on Earth is pastel baby blue. My living room looks like a baby boy nursery. I don’t know if I can cope. Maybe once we add the many, many 7 foot bookcases, the large round cherry coffee table,…
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Last night’s bedtime reading was the Upton Tea catalog. Tea descriptions are so intriguing: tippy. golden, flowery … and what’s “Orange” about pekoe? Some more tea reading: Flowery, rustic, tippy, smokey Tea Education drinks – teatime Tea Glorious Tea


Big Perl weekend. Still trying to wrap my mind around LIST contexts, and feeling pretty stupid. I re-wrote my shell script in Perl and added hooks to put in some pcli (if I ever figure that stupid thing out) and…
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The first coat of color is up in the living room, and my color-shy Beloved has proclaimed it too dark. Since he’s put up with screaming yellow and orange for several years, I figured the least I could do was…
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