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Ouch! bloglist

I’m thrilled to be listed in Crippled Monkey’s Pick of the Blogs at Ouch! I’ve mentioned Ouch! before, lots of good stuff !

Ouch! Falls

Very apropos for yesterday and today: A User Guide To Falling Over Your Top Ten Falling Over Scenarios

Touch the Heavens

From this month’s Smithsonian Magazine, an article about Touch the Heavens, a Braille astronomy book. Kent Cullers, who works on the SETI Institute, is the world’s first blind astronomer. The blind astronomer in the movie Contact is modelled after Cullers.

Invercargill: Tuataras and Indians

This entry is part 4 of 6 in the series 2014 New Zealand

When I first started planning our trip around South Island, Invercargill was just a one night stop between Dunedin and Te Anau. Until my beloved leaned over my shoulder as I was staring at the map and exclaimed, “Invercargill? That’s…
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Disability Blogs—My Feed List

Once upon a time, blogs had blogrolls. If you had a blog, you would include a list of blogs you thought would be interesting to your readers in a sidebar on your page. After a while, if you had a…
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