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Dave Hingsburger: Leaving 'the gathering place'

Disaster Planning and Evacuation

Dave Hingsburger’s article “Leaving ‘the gathering place’” brings up, again, the issue of disaster planning and evacuation for people with disabilities. I’ve written about this before (here, here, here, here , here, and here, as well as about my one…
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Practical Evacuation

Time to learn about realistic evacuation possibilities. I’ve been invited to present ideas to my company’s security and facilities departments. I’ve found a number of devices: Evac+Chair Evacu-Trac Carrydown CD7 LifeSlider I’m working on a criteria list: Cost Storage required…
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Evacuation II

Guide to Disaster Planning from iCan Online Double the Fire Risk from Ouch!


So you use a wheelchair, and you work on the 2nd, or 3rd, or 27th floor. The fire alarm goes off. The elevators are locked down. Everyone is rushing for the stairwell. What are you doing? There has never been…
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Rabby Followup

Following up on Hauled off the Plane, LapLap, a regular FlyerTalk poster, has gotten a response from the Hong Kong Civil Aviation Department concerning its regulations regarding blind passengers: Here are the responses from “Thank you for your email….
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