Jan 072014
The Havoc That is Snow

Snow wreaks havoc on my life. All of these things happened today: 1. I drove to the rec center. The lot hadn’t been plowed, and so the lines in the parking lot weren’t visible. The result? Eight cars parked tightly into the space allocated for four cars with handicapped parking permits. 2. I went to [...]

Dec 252013
Gender Equality Assumptions

My kids are tut-tutting (or maybe cringing) right now, because this is another post about restrooms. And showers, because it’s a followup to the pool shower story. Why I know now (and should probably try to remember) that what is sauce for the gander is not sauce for the goose: My choir scheduled a concert [...]

Dec 222013
How Much Better Can It Get?

I gave up going to one of our public pools a good long time ago (a year?) because it’s really hard to get a shower there—the one shower with a bench has a shower head that leaks water where the shower head is connected so you can’t really get any water on your body. And [...]

Dec 142013
Amsterdam by Wheelchair

Here’s a video I came across recently: “With a Wheelchair in Amsterdam: A Wheelchair User’s Spontaneous Trip”. It’s in German, with some English (and no captions, alas). It’s a “get packed and go to the airport and then we’ll tell you where we’re going” thing. Items I found interesting: The presenter talks about how accessible [...]

Nov 272013
Packing Light: Five Days in Seattle

Thanksgiving with the family in Seattle. Highs in the low 50s, lows in low 40s, slight chance of rain, and of course a lot more humidity than I’m accustomed to here in Colorado. Besides celebrating the holidays, we’re going to swim, lift and visit a couple of museums. I’m switching some things up for this [...]

Sep 072013
Disaster Planning and Evacuation

Dave Hingsburger’s article “Leaving ‘the gathering place’” brings up, again, the issue of disaster planning and evacuation for people with disabilities. I’ve written about this before (here, here, here, here , here, and here, as well as about my one personal experience of evacuating in an emergency here), but all of my previous posts were [...]

Aug 082013
Progress, Year 5

It’s now been five years since I started lifting weights. I recorded my one year progress numbers, and this seems like a good time to write down where I am now:   Aug 08 Aug 09 Aug 13 DB bench press 12# 25# 45# Bench press 45# 70# 110# Lat pulldown 40# 90# 130# Crunches [...]